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Care Innovations™ QuietCare

Inspiratie beperkt zich niet alleen tot Nederland, we brengen ook nieuws, voorbeelden en ideeen uit de rest van de wereld over samen zorgen, manieren van wonen en zorgen en innovaties. 

Care Innovations™ QuietCare® uses advanced motion sensor technology that learns the daily activity patterns of residents and sends alerts to help caregivers respond to potentially urgent situations. Caregivers can simply check in as part of their daily routine or quickly intervene if necessary.

24x7 resident monitoring

Residents continue their daily routines with independence and privacy intact.
Motion sensors throughout their apartment track their activity.
Sensors relay data to a data communicator.
Data transfers to a Care Innovations™ server which resides at an off-site secure location.
The software analyzes data for potentially urgent situations and major routine changes, then alerts staff so they can respond promptly.
Password-protected, full resident reports are also available on-line.

Advanced networking for more reliable monitoring

Care Innovations™ offers a new wireless resident monitoring system uniquely designed to benefit your residents, staff and business. The Care Innovations™ QuietCare®—Networked system harnesses advanced but proven technology—known as Zigbee wireless open-standard networking—to create a monitoring solution that is easy to install, reliable, scalable, and affordable.

Timely, actionable information

QuietCare®—Networked alerts are sent to enable caregivers to respond to potentially urgent situations. With a locally installed pager transmitter system, many alerts can be sent to caregivers as soon as the situation is detected. Alert and activity data is transmitted regularly to the QuietCare Remote Server for further analysis. This enables clinical and management staff to review activity data shortly after an alert is received.

No disruption for residents

Because it employs passive motion detecting sensors, the system is virtually unobtrusive. No cameras or microphones are used. Most residents won’t even notice QuietCare—Networked is there, increasing the likelihood of resident acceptance. Also the system does not rely on the resident’s in-room phone lines thus eliminating the disruptions associated with dial-in systems.

Reliable system performance

At the heart of QuietCare—Networked is an advanced “self-healing” mesh network that ensures greater reliability and continuity of service. In most cases, if any device in the network should fail, the rest of the system will continue to operate as the network automatically finds alternative pathways through which to transmit data. The system also confirms the transmission of data and receipt of data with the facility server. A sensor will retry multiple times if it does not receive an acknowledgement from the facility server, thereby dramatically reducing the risk of data loss. The system’s internal diagnostics also enable it to detect any non-operational sensor, so that it might be replaced in a timely way.

Simple to install

QuietCare—Networked uses small, battery powered sensors to capture data from each resident’s apartment and transmits it to wireless routers. Upon completion of a site assessment, sensor installation in each living unit will take only about 30 minutes. Often the only additional building requirement will be a secure storage area- for the facility server and pager transmitter- with access to a broadband phone line to provide back-up connectivity.

Scalable and affordable

QuietCare—Networked fits a wide range of care settings and is ideal for assisted living facilities and retirement communities. Built on proven networking technology used in rugged applications like building automation and industrial processes, QuietCare-Networked requires only minimal maintenance to perform optimally. Additional devices can be added to the network as you grow, with few if any changes to your building infrastructure. ZigBee technology was designed for scalability, supporting about a thousand devices in a single network. Multiple network coordinators can be incorporated to support even larger networks.

Compatibiity with other wireless technologies

Zigbee technology operates free of interference in the same space with WiFi and other wireless technologies. You can continue using networked computers, printers, smartphones and other devices without worry of disrupting them or QuietCare monitoring services.

Long battery life

The low-powered wireless devices are designed to run at least two years on standard AA and AAA alkaline batteries, reducing maintenance and costs.

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