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Video games that help patients do physiotherapy.

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MIRA uses video-games to provide a much more effective way for physiotherapists to treat their patients.

It is built as a software platform, containing applications and features destined for both physiotherapist and patient use.


In order to engage the patient into the recovery process MIRA uses medically built video-games. These are medically validated, customizable to fit patient needs and cover a large area of pathologies. In order to record the patient's movements, the games make use of Microsoft Kinect, an external camera allowing accurate tracking of the patient's body.

Microsoft Kinect is a reliable and affordable technology, also easy to install and use. These characteristics made it a perfect choice for MIRA.

Find out more at www.kinectforwindows.org



Catch is mainly focused on shoulder movements. To play the game, the patient has to catch some shapes that appear on the screen. The shapes can appear at random positions, or they can follow a predetermined pattern.


Airplane encourages the patient to do hip and lower back movements in order to control an airplane on the screen. Visual and auditive feedback shift the patient's focus from physical pain involved in rehab to the game objectives.


While playing Seasons, the patient is making shoulder movements in order to catch falling objects on the screen. To better observe his/her movements, the patient can see himself/herself on the screen, in the form of an avatar.


This game requires the patient to play some well-known piano songs using his/her hands. The rich auditive feedback keeps the patient engaged and motivated to finalize the exercise


To keep track of the patient's progress, the physiotherapist has to know how well the patient performed in some rehab sessions. In response of that, MIRA offers a set of statistics allowing the specialist to closely monitor his/her patient's evolution.

The statistics include both Range of Motion data, showing the increase of mobility in the patient's affected joints, and also game related data, showing the difficulty and certain specific objectives the patient may have reached. Granted that the games are built on medical specifications, thus reaching certain game objectives will represent reaching important steps in the patient's recovery.


Initially, at the diagnosis phase, the physiotherapist has to study the mobility of the patient's affected joints or limbs. While normally the physical therapist could use a goniometer and a somatoscopic filter, MIRA eases this process with the aid of a diagnostics application.

The application shows different angles and distances on the patient's body. It also allows the physiotherapist to take certain notes and then save the results for later use.

Finally, the result along with the statistics offered by MIRA can be attached to the patient's medical file.


At certain times, the physiotherapist has to manage a large number of patients. MIRA is helpful as it centralizes all patient data in a single place, easy to access or edit. This way, the specialist can easily track the patient's progress.

First, the physiotherapist has access to a list of patients, which can be filtered by name, PIN, or any other relevant fields. The physical therapist can easily add a new patient to the list, remove or edit already existing ones.

Also, each patient has detailed profile, reachable from the initial list. The profile shows further medical details, appointments, recent statistics and provides easy access to the diagnostics application and the medical games.


Depending on the patient's pathology, the physiotherapist can create a schedule with video-game exercises. Each game from the schedule has settings which can be set according to the patient's abilities. Furthermore, the physiotherapist can set how many minutes and exercises should run and MIRA will pass to the next game automatically when the timer ends.

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