donderdag 7 maart 2013

Adult Social Care New Innovation Fund

Inspiratie beperkt zich niet alleen tot Nederland, we brengen ook nieuws, voorbeelden en ideeen uit de rest van de wereld over samen zorgen, manieren van wonen en zorgen en innovaties. 

Southwark adult social care has established a new Innovation Fund of at least $310,706.52 (£200,000) for voluntary and community sector organisations in the borough.

This one-off grant is intended to support organisations to develop new, financially self sustaining business models to support our Vision for Adult Social Care and the implementation of Personal Budgets for all of our customers.
The fund will be awarded to organisations that can propose innovate ways to support the achievement of our Vision for Adult Social Care.
Bids for the grant or grants are invited under the following categories:
  • Supporting and enhancing peer support opportunities in the borough
  • Promoting and supporting the creation of networks and resources to support users and carers to carry out support planning
  • Developing new ways to support adults with learning disabilities into paid employment and/ or to remain in employment
  • Enhancing user co-production opportunities
  • Increasing the availability of Personal Assistants (PAs) in the borough
Your grant request needs to be proportionate to the plans that you detail in your application and can be any amount up to $46,605.98 (£30,000.)
You can only apply for an Innovation Fund grant if your organisation is one of the following third sector organisations: a properly constituted voluntary and community unincorporated charitable association; registered charity; registered as an industrial and provident society; community interest company; or a social enterprise.

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Doe mee met de Inspiratiedag Samen Zorgen op donderdag 7 maart in Theater De Berenkuil in Utrecht. Schrijf u hier in. 

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